Foreign Relations

Topic: Foreign Relations

Primary Author: Catie Weckenman

Current Situation

Haiti is one of the original members of the United Nations, but has become constrained with foreign relations due to its isolation. There are many UN funded groups in Haiti that have either completed their mission or are still present. Groups such as the: UN mission in Haiti(UMNIH), UN stability mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), civilian support mission in Haiti (MICAH) and “Friends of Haiti”.

Much of Haiti’s monetary donations come from the United States, making them vital to the survival of the Haitian population. The United States was the leading exporter to Haiti sending them sixty –four percent of all their goods. Presently, there is an embargo on Haiti which was at their request, in order to rid the country of the current regime. Also, the Haitians owe $ 1.248 billion in external debt. At this point in time, Haiti is deemed unsafe for tourism by the U.S. and has little tourism from other countries. Businesses, wanting to practice trade with the Haitians have restrictions on how much land they are able to have and must obtain a visa through the Haitian Consulate.

The Dominican Republic shares a boarder with Haiti, making the Haitians a cheap source of labor. Also, the Dominicans sell much of their products in the Haitian markets, which does not help the economy.

Issues to be Discussed:

-UN’s involvement in Haiti
-U.S.’s involvement in Haiti
- The Dominican Republic’s relations in Haiti
- Haiti’s foreign trade
- Haiti’s international tourism

Calls upon the UN to:

1. Sending a support group to Haiti (NATO) in order to keep the peace and aid in medical emergencies during the transition of power from the Haitian government to the provisional government.

2. Apply pressure to the various counties Haiti is indebted to, in order for them to lessen or alleviate the present debt.

3. Ask for support from other UN nations to help rebuild Haiti both physically and economically without expectations. Also, to facilitate peaceful relations with other UN countries in order to acquire allies.

4. Lift the U.S. embargo on Haiti in order to assist in economic growth once the provisional government is in place.

5. Have the Dominican Republic aid the Haitian and provisional UN government in controlling the boarder. A task force should be put into place to stop illegal immigration.

6. Look for a trading market. Provide an incentive for companies to come to Haiti and engage in the market.
a.Incentive- Sell land cheaply to businesses in order for them to turn a profit later, giving Haiti a better economy.
i. Amount of land distributed will be cleared by the Haitian Government.

7. Once Haiti is more stable begin to clean up the country in order to promote tourism and create a profitable gain.


Advertising for international business- $2.3 million (Based on existing revenue)

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