In order to create a uniform and cohesive final paper we should try to use a similar or same format.

The UN format for resolution is included on this paper. However, I adapted the format slightly to better fit our project. The UN format is designed for very specific topics and does not allow for clarity within a broad topics, such as our own.

My information is typed up under law if you want to use the layout as an example

I think that the following is a simple format that all of us can easily put our information and resolutions into:

Topic: Law

Primary Author(s): Ali Thompson

Current Situation:

Write a paragraph describing the current situation in Haiti in regard to the topic. Certain topics may not have a lot of information on a current situation, but everyone should still be able to write a brief paragraph regardless of the severity of the issue.

Issues to be Discussed:

  • List/Bullet the issues your resolution will address
  • I included a preamble in this part of my write-up because it fit with the topic but its not necessary.

Calls upon the U.N. to:

I.Outline your solutions here
(I don't know how to format and indent on the wiki but I think our papers should be formatted when we turn them in.)


Include a table or list describing the budget for your specific topic. We should compile all of our expenses and all of our financial resources before Friday.

The following is the U.N. resolution format if you are interested in incorporating parts of it into your write-up:

Heading:Identifies the topic and the person sponsoring the idea

Preamble:The preamble explains the purposes of the resolution. The perambulatory clauses begin with present participles. It often refers to past resolution precedents adn authorizations in the UN Charter for actions.
Example of perambulatory clauses:

Operative Clauses: These form the policy portion of the resolution. Each of these clauses starts with a verb (in the third person singular) and taken as a whole, deals thoroughly with one idea arranged in logical progression. Each cluase should not be a collection of unrelated thoughts or statements on a broad topic, but should focus on on aspect of the problem.
Example of operative clauses:
Calls Upon
Has resolved

Shortened Example of UN Resolution (not based on Haiti):

Topic Area: Law
Sponsored by: Ali Thompson

The United Nations,
Acknowledging that many governemnts currently operate under a one-party system of government,
Recalling that the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights is one of the founding principles of the United Nations
Aware that any single-party system violates Article 21 of the Declaration

Therefore be it resolved that the United Nations:

1. Defines:
a. A one party system as a system of government in which a sole party controls all branches.
b. A two party system as a system of government in which two or more parties are legally guarenteed

2. Calls Upon all nations operating under a one-party system of governemnt to:
a. Establish and implement a two or multiparty system.

3. Directs the United Nations to:
a. Create a list of all nations currently operating under a one-party system of government.

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