Provisional Constitution

2008 Provisional Constitution
I. Sovereignty
A. All sovereignty is in the office of UN Administrator; all decisions and laws are reviewable under Admin office.
1. Such powers are delegatable to duly appointed and considered UN authorities.
B. Such government shall be established on a four year timetable, until a Haitian National Convention is formed, augmented by UN appointed specialists, to create Government and popular sovereignty. When such Convention is concluded, UN provisional authority is concluded, subject to an appropriate timetable of withdrawal.
II. Rights
A. All constitutional rights are temporarily abridged
1. Excepting the right to life.
2. Excepting the right to fair judicial process, as considered by UN powers.
3. Excepting the right to protection from cruel and unusual punishment, as considered by UN powers.
4. Excepting right to peaceful assembly.
5. Excepting right to equal medical care and access.

A. To construct nationally acceptable infrastructure, such as roads, communications, etc.
B. To educate in forms of technical skill, judicial capacity, peacekeeping, etc.
C. To maintain the peace in an equitable, stable manner.
D. To provide adequate health and mental care.
E. To encourage and create industry.
F. To promote intelligent political discourse, popular sovereignty.
G. To encourage and create agriculture.
1. Including the safety of the enviroment stabilization process.
IV. Operations
A. Deployed UN and subsequently deployed peacekeeping forces.
B. Merited Haitian auxiliary support.
C. UN specialist corps.
D. UN-vetted volunteers.

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